Military power allows you to win battles, but the will to defend and loyalty to your state determines who wins the war. Our country has experienced this in the struggle for Independence, in the struggle of partisan resistance in the post-war years, in the bloody events of January 13th. Today, the people of Ukraine are also fighting for freedom for us all.

Therefore, not only can we, but we must each help those who are fighting and surviving the horrors of war. In order for this support to reach Ukraine as quickly as possible and to go where it is most needed, we invite you to donate here. All funds raised will be used for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. You can donate by via PayPal or transferring money to this bank account in the US Community:

Taupa Lithuanian federal credit union

368 West Broadway, So. Boston, MA 02127

Saskaitos pav: Lithuanian American Comm

Acc# 101702. Routing # 211091934

You can also send a check to:

Lithuanian American Community

c / o A. Mikuckis

306 Arlington Drive, Pasadena California 91105

with the check made out to Lithuanian American Community and memo note SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE. All donations will be tax deductible.

Only with the help and support of all of you can we help the Ukrainians in their fight against Russia.

Thank you for your support.