Board Elections – Info for Candidates

The Lithuanian American Community, Inc., is the largest organization uniting Lithuanians and their families in America, and its Board of Directors is the most important governing body, administering and promoting all of the organization‘s activities: cultural events, education, sports tournaments, dance and song festivals, science symposia, archives, etc. Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to make a significant contribution to the well-being of our entire Lithuanian Community, to run for the Board of Directors and/or actively vote in the elections.

Every member of LAC, who values their Lithuanian heritage, and has experience in Lithuanian community work is a prime candidate for the Board of Directors. Candidacy must be sponsored by 10 Chapter members. Candidates must live in the same region as the Chapters they will represent. Candidates have to fill out the “Candidate Application“ and submit it to their Chapter or District election  committee by March 15th.

Application process:

§  Signatures are collected on the signature page of the „Candidate Application“ 

§  Email confirmations in lieu of signatures are to be sent to the Chapter or District election committee. Please, use „Candidate Sponsorship Email“ template for your convenience.

  •        Email the completed application form along with your photo and the scanned signature page (if signatures were being collected) to the Chapter or District election committee. Contact list of all committees is available HERE 
  •        Applications have to be submitted through March 15th.


Candidates may find the following documents and publications useful:



Book „What Does LAC Board of Directors Do?“




Book „What is LAC”





LAC Bylaws