Board Election – Election 2021


For seven decades, the Lithuanian American Community, Inc.(LAC), is the only organization that unites all Lithuanians and their family members living in America.

The activities of the LAC are truly diverse: they support Lithuanian schools, organize cultural events, song and dance festivals, sports tournaments, science symposiums, and represent American Lithuanians in the World Lithuanian Community. Its Board of Directors (Board) is the most important governing body of the LAC, which determines the direction and methods of the organization’s activities. Therefore, these elections are especially important for America’s Lithuanians as the decisions of the elected candidates will affect all Lithuanian communities in the US.

It is urgent that each of us take an active part in these elections, and to responsibly select candidates who will represent and lead this organization for the next three years.

All members of the LAC may vote in elections to the LAC Board. There are three ways to vote:

  •  Internet
  •  by mail
  •  at the Chapters (in person)

Voting online, by mail or in person will take place from the 1st to the 15th of May, 2021.

 Voting Online

Online voting is the simplest and most effective way to participate in the LAC’s Board elections. We encourage everyone over the age of 18 to vote online and, if that is not possible, choose another voting method.

Those wishing to vote online must do so by April 15th. Register by filling out the following form:

The following information must be provided during registration:


  •          First and last name
  •          Address
  •          Email address
  •          Chapter membership (if you do not belong to a Chapter-indicate your District)

After the registration period for online voting is closed, the National Election Committee will submit lists of registered voters to the District and Chapter election committees, which will ensure that the same persons do not vote twice, by mail and / or in person.

You may vote online on May 1-15, 2021,at any time. Those registered to vote online will receive an email with a link to vote on May 1st.

 Voting by mail

Those who do not have the opportunity to vote online can vote by mail. To vote by mail, you must provide your residential address to which the voter’s card will be sent. The address must be provided by April 15th, either in person or by mail to the Chapter election committee (if there is no Chapter election committee-then the District election committee) to which the voter belongs. If you are sending an address by mail, please send it to your Chapter or District election committee – addresses can be found in the Election Committees’ section.

It is only possible to vote by mail from the Chapter or District where the voter belongs. Those wishing to vote by mail but are not Chapter members will automatically be added as Chapter members upon submission of the voter’s address.

Those registered, by May 1st, to vote by mail will receive a voter’s card and information on how to complete it and return it to the election committee.

If you are voting by mail, the voter’s card must be sent to the Chapter or District election committee no later than May 15, 2021. (Your vote is valid if the postmark date is not later than May 15).


Voting in the Chapters-in person

If you cannot vote online or by mail, you may vote in-person at the Chapter’s polling place. However, if you do not have Chapter membership, or there is no Chapter in the area where you live, then you will be unable to vote in person.

Only LAC members belonging to a Chapter may vote in-person. That is why it is important to become a Chapter member prior to voting. We urge everyone to do this in advance by contacting their Chapter’s election committee. If it is not possible to declare Chapter membership in advance, you may do it on election day.

Elections in the Chapters are set by the Chapters’ election committees, and will be held in May, 1st – 15th. To find out when elections will take place in each Chapter, voters should contact the election committee of that Chapter. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some Chapters may not be able to conduct in-person voting. Therefore, we urge everyone to register for voting online.


List of Candidates

Voting is possible only for those candidates who have submitted their candidacy to their District. You can find the list of candidates and their bios on the elections website.


For How Many Candidates Can You Vote

You may vote for one or more candidates during the elections. The National Election Committee will determine in advance and notify the District and Chapter election committees on how many candidates may be presented for election. You may vote for the maximum specified number of candidates or fewer candidates. Ballots containing more than the allowed number of candidates will be considered invalid.